Retro One Thing 01/21/2012

All of us who are born again have had restored to us the heavenly vision (Hebrews 4), that deep inner sense of a destiny that has eternal value. Every human being longs to belong and to matter. Those longings are there because of the lofty purposes for which we were created; to be in a transcendent personal relationship with Him forever and to bear His image (not like some statue, but in ways that reveal His presence, character, and ability. In other words, who He is, what He does).

The problem for the Lost, is that they know they are called to love and greatness, they just don’t know how or where to make it happen. Therefore, being bent toward the creature, they look to each other in a taking mode and end up devastating themselves and all around them. Paul referred to it as a spirit of lust that is in the world. It’s a take what you want, what you think you need, no matter who it hurts kind of life, that always comes up empty and emptying. The cool thing about being a Christian is that the Truth, about the Life you are created to live, who happens to also be the Way to that life, is restored to you. It’s so awesome to be one of the Saved from among the so very lost.

Celebrate being saved from and to today, and be the instrument to rescue the Perishing (the wasting away among us) today.