Releasing The Grip 5/24/16

I have this continual vision of a hand tightly gripped on something being pried loose, so that the thing being gripped could be released into the destiny of The Lord. The Holy Spirit began to speak about this whole election cycle and what was now being accomplished in the wisdom of God. So many Christians have been all over the place trying to discern what is happening in this very strange time in America’s history. Pundits have said over and over again that this is like nothing that has ever happened before. Christian leaders have made some odd choices, that have left many believers bewildered about simple right and wrong issues that have never been confusing before. Everyone seems to be trying to get comfortable with Who is God’s choice so they can throw their whole heart into supporting that person, but things just don’t seem to fit. I believe that a key to discerning what God is up to is to remember what He is after. He is after His Bride walking in the FULLNESS of Christ and releasing that FULLNESS on the earth; and specifically for America He wants the Church in America to realize and release the FULLNESS of Jesus in this nation. Therefore His heart isn’t to make America great again, though that’s not a bad thing; instead He is hoping to make the Church in America Great in His eyes. I thank God for America, and wouldn’t want to live any where else, but we have to stop clinging to America as if she is our hope. The Kingdom of God is our hope, and that Kingdom longs for our passion.

Having said all of that, I believe that God is using these times, and will use this election to bring about such shifts in our culture that we, as citizens of Heaven, will loosen our grip on America as our hope, and source of favor. I absolutely believe that a MASSIVE and HISTORICAL move of God is coming to this country, so don’t misunderstand me. I’m a revival in America Guy, but I know that revival will come through a REVIVED Church that is carrying and releasing His glory into this land. I believe that The Lord has said for the Church in America to come into FULLNESS under the Bannered One, that He has to free us from any idolatry that we might have, so that our hope becomes Him and His kingdom alone. As a voter  I unashamedly confess that I am a single issue voter. I will vote PRO LIFE, and for the most pro life person that is running, but make no mistake, no matter who gets elected the “times they are a changin,” and what we once knew is forever shifting, but in His wisdom, He is and will use it all to give birth to the Glory we have all been longing for in this land.