Refugee Camps

Word on revival

About 4 months ago, the Lord gave me the word that we were going to see revival breaking out in refugee camps.  That there was going to be an increase of refugee camps which of course, we can see happening with all the wars breaking out in Africa. (i.e, Egypt, Libya, Syria) and that Jesus really identifies with refugee camps.  He lived part of his early life, when mary and Joseph fled to Egypt as a result of Herod’s persecution, as a refugee.  He identifies with the refugee and it’s a priority to him, so we are going to see revival break out in refugee camps and the Lord is going to raise up radical missionaries, particularly young people with a radical heart to see the kingdom of God manifest, who are not afraid to live among the poor, to live in an environment where there is danger.  God is going to start sending them to refugee camps around the world to win the lost for Christ, to see manifestations of His glory and power.  Ther will be dramatic signs and wonders.  God’s has a real heart right now for refugee camps and it’s a real priority.  So be listening for the Lord moving in refugee camps.  And hear it if the Lord is calling you to be a radical missionary to the camps.  These missionaries are like flaming arrows shot out from the heart of God, into these places where the desperate and the poor live.