I had a vision yesterday and I thought it was just for me concerning a conference I’m about to do, and it is, but I realize it is bigger than that, and that it is an “in season” word for many.
I saw someone who worked on road construction standing in the middle of the road redirecting traffic toward my right. The road straight ahead had all kind of orange cones behind him, blocking the road because of the construction. Everybody turned right, instead of going straight as they had intended. Even though it was a detour, I knew it would take me where I needed to be, but just going in a different direction. The construction worker had a yellow vest that made it easy for people to see him, and he wore a yellow hard hat with the word “LORD” written across the front.
What does all this mean? The Holy Spirit will speak to each heart, but in general, Yellow is the color of the anointing, and orange speaks of Warning. I believe The Lord is saying He is redirecting traffic, and if you will be willing to go in a different direction than you were planning on, or may be used to, You will find the new direction will carry His anointing. If you continue to press ahead in the direction you were planning on, danger awaits you. I believe God is redirecting traffic for some in relationships; others in business and jobs, or ministry. I also see big decisions being redirected from what you expected, in all kind of areas. You thought you were going to do one thing, and now it seems The Lord is saying something different. Maybe even radically different. Remember, the One redirecting the traffic is LORD and has the right, and the wisdom to do so. It was obvious in my vision that He could be trusted.