Prophetic Word: Massive fires in the Northeast 1/29/18

It is been a busy prophetic day. There have been times in the past where I have gotten words about five alarm fires, and once again, I’m getting something similar. I keep hearing in the spirit about massive five alarm fires in northeastern cities. The operative word is “massive.” Usually when you hear about a fire that is massive it’s referring to a fire out west somewhere that covers a lot of geographical territory. I don’t see this word massive referring to large amounts of geographical territory, though it could include more than just one building, but I believe it’s speaking about the intensity level. Again that could also include very large complex or several buildings. Though these fires will be difficult to put out, that will be part of the narrative.  All I know is that I keep hearing the word “massive” concerning this, or these, five alarm fires.

I know that as prophetic intercessors get words like this, you were called to pray into situations in the natural; that life would be spared, and if these represent second-heaven plans, they would be minimized or frustrated.  I also believe that we are to pray into the spiritual significance that natural events, even disasters, can speak of. Many times throughout church history and in Scripture events in the natural, even those that were disastrous events, were prophetic signs of things happening or to happen in the Spirit.

It seems that so many holy massive fires in the Spirit realm have flowed from the West and America, and yet several of the greatest moves of God in American history effected the East and particularly the Northeast. There was the great revival in 1857 in New York city that even spread to other places like Europe, where at one point during this revival, that involved prayer meetings at noon among businessmen, 10,000 people a week we’re getting saved in New York alone. There was of course also the first great awakening in the 1700s, that was primarily among the churched, and then the second great awakening along the whole Eastern coast that was primarily among the un-churched.

I believe there is going to be new massive five alarm fires of renewal and revival, once again flowing out of the Northeast that will have great impact on our country. For those who live in the Northeast, it may be hard to believe something like this could happen because of the condition of the spiritual soil there, but this is very much like it was in London, when the Holy Spirit was manifested during the great awakening to transform the nation. Just like Elijah was told to fill the sacrifice with gallons and gallons of water before the Lord ignited it with holy fire, I believe that no matter how wet the spiritual soil is in the Northeast, just like in the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal, the Northeast is ripe for the holy fire of God to manifest. Once they start, part of the narrative will be that they will be very difficult to put out.