PiratesJune 2011

There once was a stronghold for pirates off the coast of Jamaica called Port Royal and it was built on a little island, right off the coast of Jamaica, where Kingston is now located. There were so many buildings there, it looked like buildings were hanging off the island over the water. As we know, pirates are thieves and their job is to kill, steal and destroy that which belongs to others. A very perfect type of the work of the enemy and the powers of darkness. In the 17th century, in the 1600’s, there was a massive earthquake that occurred in that area and as a result of it, there was a huge tsunami which swept over the island. The people who had built the city of Port Royal thought they had built it on a rock bed island, but they discovered, after the earthquake and tsunami, that they had actually built the city on multiple layers of sifting soil. As the tsunami swept over the island, the land underneath literally melted away into liquid and the whole island was destroyed. The stronghold of the pirates was devastated and destroyed.

The prophetic word is this: that we have a pirate, and he and his army have killed, stolen and destroyed. There are things in our life, strongholds in our life that we think are embedded in rock, that we think are never going to go away, never going to change, that we are never going to change, that we are never going to get set free from this, but the reality is that we can be set free and what God is doing is that there are many of you out there who are experiencing personal earthquakes, just things in your life that are shaking and it’s not very comfortable and not much fun. But the result of that earthquake is that God tends to draw you so into His presence, that you will experience a tsunami in the spirit, a wave of the spirit that will so overwhelm you, and so transform you, that it will also destroy what you thought to be embedded strongholds of the enemy.

What you will discover is that your life is built on the rock named Jesus. But the stronghold the enemy built wasn’t embedded on solid rock at all, but on sifting soil and that stronghold just melts away as the enemy, the pirate of your soul, is being swept away.

This is a season where God is using earthquakes in your life to bring about a tsunami of the spirit in your life, that will sweep away what you thought to be the embedded strongholds of the pirates who have been killing, stealing and destroying in your soul for way too long.