Paris                             June 7, 2011
 There is a huge battle for the soul of Paris, France right now. We may even see this played out in the natural. Invading oppressive forces have taken over for some time, and they govern tyrannically the streets of Paris. Just as in world war II, their is an underground movement of warriors committed to taking their city back. These spiritual warriors are intercessors who love their nation and their beloved city and who are willing to die to see it set free. Paris is called to be an “international city of love“, known as a place where the love of Christ and love for Christ is intoxicating. This is its destiny, but the enemy is entrenched. As a result of the underground warriors’ intercession, an invasion of the heavenly host is being sent to Paris even now to overthrow the false oppressive government. I saw a large invasion of angels moving into the city. The outcome is uncertain. We must pray for Paris and its safety in the natural, and its deliverance in the spiritual.

Pray that the population that has learned to live with the oppressor will start longing for freedom, thus empowering the angels of God to fight fiercely on their behalf.

Pray especially for the young people who are already discontent, that their hearts will turn toward heaven.