One Thing 9/29/13

Scripture often refers to God’s presence as His “Face.” David’s one Thing desire was to spend his life seeking God’s face, Beholding God’s beauty. That sounds like such a wonderful and pleasant pursuit, and of course it is wonderful, but the price is sometimes not so pleasant. When John turned to “The Voice” in Revelation 1, that was calling him up and in, the result was he saw the face of Christ, but the consequence was he fell down before Him as a dead man. Make no mistake, the reward of pursuing His presence is worth it all, but the price you will have to pay on the way up, is ALL. If you want it all, He will take it all, on the journey. The thing that will keep you in pursuit though, is the Beauty of His Face. The glorious nature of His person, and Hs nearness will become a reckless, and magnificent obsession. His presence is an addiction from which there is no recovery, and you will sacrifice everything for more. If you aren’t prepared for the madness, then don’t start the journey, for once caught in the web of glory, there’s no escape.