One Thing 9/20/12

One of the primary things I’ve been concentrating on, is discovering more about the personality of God. I’ve spent a lot of time in the last nine months or so just contemplating on God’s personality, trying to discover with greater depth who he is, and what His heart is like. What I’ve come to see, more than ever before, is that God, of course, is more fascinating that I could’ve ever imagined. When I think about these two verses from Revelation 21:4, and Revelation 7:17 I’m stunned for what it reveals about the heart of God. If you read the context of both verses you discover God the Father sitting on the throne, with a very dramatic scene of authority and power, and signs, and wonders, with unimaginable colors and sounds, and sights surrounding Him. Yet, in both of those verses we discover the Father stepping down from His throne of power, and dominion, and personally touching and healing all who stand before Him. I think sometimes we get the idea that the moment we die in Christ all sorrow, tears and pain automatically disappear. The truth is, though we leave behind our fallen bodies, the ultimate inner healing happens when we initially stand before Him in Heaven. He loves us so much, that He longs to touch us, and heal us personally, individually. This is how our eternal journey in Heaven begins; encountering His great compassion and love. The words used in these two verse to describe how He heals is “wipe away.” It really comes from one word which literally translated would mean to “oil out.” The word “oil” here is usually translated “anointing, to smear oil on someone to anoint them.” I believe the oil is in His hands. Contemplate what these verses are saying, and what they reveal about the heart of God our Father. This God of great power, and authority, steps down from His throne and touches each of our faces with His anointed hands, and takes away all the pain, sorrow, mourning, pain, crying. All the hurt and brokenness accumulated in this fallen world (referred to as “the first things” in 21:4) whether caused by others, or our own actions are going to be personally healed by Him. Just imagine being in His prayer line, and God the Father laying hands on you. Amazing!!! Again though, as exciting, and remarkable as that’s going to be, think about what it reveals about who He is; the true nature of His personality and love. Let that revelation heal you today, about the kind of Father figure He is in your life now. I can love and trust an Abba like that, can’t you. How beautiful He is.