One Thing 9/1/13

John uses the word “abide” over 50 times in his writings to describe our walk with Jesus. The word simply means “to remain.” The idea is to stay, even in the busiest times, in His Presence. We are created to be carriers of His presence on us, in us, and through us. Because we are called to live by faith, our “staying” in His presence is a “joyful resting.” Simply put though, if we are going to know “resting” in His presence, then we must establish as the great priority of our lives “investing” in Hs presence. You will only REST in His presence to the degree that you INVEST in His presence. David’s One Thing passion must become ours. In Psalm 27 David said that the One Thing he desired and the One Thing he would seek was to invest in the presence of God. He said he wanted to live everyday of his life seeking The Lord and Beholding His beauty (His Face, glory, and splendor).You harvest what you sow and cultivate. Invest into His beauty and you will be adorned and filled with His beauty.