One Thing 8/2/12

Jesus said, “If you love me you will keep my commandments.” It is important for to understand that obedience is about love, not duty. I know that there are times when you do whats right even though there no affections involved, but that should never be the norm. If it is, then something is desperately wrong. Obedience is an act of affection; it is an act of adoration (worship). It ravishes His heart, and is one of the most important ways we love Him back. In a marriage you don’t want your spouse just doing things for you out of duty, you want them to want to please you out of affection. You might say, “That’s idealistic and not real life.” It depends on who defines what real life is. Jesus said He is “The Light of Life.” He reveals what Real Life is meant to be, not our fallen experience. He came to Save us, not just from Hell, but from ourselves and the darkness we have settled for, and call real. Jesus is an idealist, and He is here to release us from the darkness we’ve called normal, and to elevate us to His reality, and normality. Don’t dummy down the Gospel. Allow it to liberate your vision to see the call to live “seated in the Heavenly places In Christ,” while still standing on Earth. We really can live in First Love all the time. Our obedience really can be acts of joyful affection. Oh by the way, it has nothing to do with your personalty type. Jesus is the Light of every life, not just certain personalities. He came that we all might have a life that is Heavenly even in the midst of a fallen world and the suffering it brings. How many of you know that Paul’s personality was not exactly Sanguine, yet he said even in times of sorrow he was always rejoicing. That’s knowing Jesus as the Light of Life. Live the “ABOVE” life that Jesus said he lived in John 8, not the “BELOW” life that those in darkness live. Colossians says that we have been delivered from the Domain of Darkness, and have been transferred into the Kingdom of His beloved Son. We live in a Kingdom of Light. Live it. It’s awesome.