One Thing 8/21/13

Song 6:13 ¶ Y
Come back, come back, Shulammite!
Come back, come back, that we may look at you!
Why are you looking at the Shulammite,
as you look at the dance of the two camps?

I love this verse because it speaks of our relationship with Jesus as a dance. An intimate, joyful, restful, yet never stagnant experience, in the arms of the Bridegroom King. What a great description of the Christian Life. The longer we dance with Him, the more we learn to anticipate His movements, but it is always an adventure, and the One Who leads can be trusted every step of the way. It is His dance that He has invited us into, and His every flowing step takes us with Him, for we are in His safe, affirming arms (In Christ). I don’t know where The Dance will take you today, or next month, or next year, but just flow with Him, looking into His delighted eyes of fiery love, joyfully and restfully trusting Him Who has taken you up into The Dance of Heaven. ENJOY.