One Thing 8/15/12

At the heart of who we are as Christians is we are Loved and are Lovers. This is our true identity. This is our foundation for which everything else in our lives operate. This was certainly true about David. In psalm 17 he said, ” Lord keep me as the Apple of Your Eye.” We know from Zechariah that God sees Israel as the Apple of His Eye, but David saw himself personally that way. As all of us know, David was not a perfect man, but He lived his life even in the darkest moments of attack, or failure, that He was intensely liked and loved by God. Many of us kind of believe that God loves us because He has to, but most of us don’t believe that God likes us very much. The truth is, God delights in the joy of loving you. He likes you so much that He says He dances over you with joy, and that He sings over you with shouts of joy. Check out Zephaniah 3. The other thing that is real about us is that we are Lovers of God. God chose David because he was a man after God’s own heatt. Granted, like David, our love may at times be a weak love, but God sees the longing of our hearts, and evaluates us according to our hearts desires and our longings. Behind our veil we have Doves Eyes (undistracted love). David was at times a horrible failure, but a 1000 years after his death God afirms in Acts 13:22 that he was a man after God’s heart. The veil speaks of the fact that our love is kind of hidden at times, and is weak, but behind our weakness He sees those eyes. He sees our affections for Him, and that we long to love Him with all our heart, soul, and mind. He declares that those longings are the true person, and He calls that forth. This is our identity, and nothing in this earth or in the heavens can separate us from the love of God. In this fallen world a lot of things threaten us in different ways, but that identity as Loved and Lovers is never vulnerable.