One Thing 8/14/13

“Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

The word “poor” here is the strongest New Testament word for poverty that could be used. It carries the idea of extreme poverty. The extremely poor are desperate and uninhibited in their search for help. God offers us all the wealth of the signs and wonders of His kingdom. The greatest wonder of course is His unfiltered presence. His offer of the environment of His reign is to those who have the spirit of the extremely poor. Heart desperation will cause you to transparently make any sacrifice, be open to any word, lay down any rights or pride, be willing to be totally wrong, and completely embarrassed if necessary, to receive from God. Do you want everything the Kingdom has to offer. If so, will you posture yourself as one “poor in spirit” so you can receive. Our insecurities and our pride are our greatest enemies. They nurture unbelief. Just tell God that you are willing, whatever it takes; whatever it costs. I promise you He will meet you in that low place of desperate humility, and dependence. Remember though, when He starts to take extravagantly, so He can give extravagantly, don’t take your heart posture back, because it will challenge your pride. Also remember, life is at its best when lived without nets.