One Thing 8/14/12

In John 15 Jesus said, “I am the Vine, you are the Branches.” In verse 1 of that chapter He said He was the true Vine. Phillippians 4:19 says, “And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”
What these verses are saying is that Jesus is our true source. To be a branch is to know that your true source of everything that pertains to branch life is the vine. Jesus said that He was the true vine, the only true source. It is so easy to slip into the bondage of putting your trust in Man or what this world has to offer, but neither of those are true sources and are not to be trust. If you put your trust in those things then you become bent towards them and if they shift at all fear grips your life. This is the kind of shifting sand that you can’t build your spiritual and emotional life on. Storms will come. Those things will shift, and when they do our your foundation must be Jesus and His words of life spoken into your heart. A branch can rest, knowing that it’s true source is The great Vine Jesus, who will always supply all your needs, no matter what they are. The passage in Phillippians transcends just speaking about material needs, though it is for sure speaking of that, but refers to all our needs. Our source is the riches that are in Christ. How rich is He? How much material wealth does He have access to? How much peace, joy, courage, wisdom, love, power, etc. does He possess? He as our source is the object of our faith, our substance that we can rest in. God often allows little storms to rise up to expose that fact that we are trusting in a false source so that He can set us free from such a dangerous place. He wants our house to be built on the Rock so that we can live a First Commandment Life with reckless abandonment, free from the cords of a Guarded Life that has its roots in fear. We are called to live with a Free Spirit knowing that He WILL, WILL, WILL, supply ALL, ALL, ALL, our needs out of His endless riches.