One Thing 7/6/13

When we talk about Resting in The Lord, and allowing Him to live His life through us, some people think we are talking about some kind of passivity. Nothing could be farther from the truth. When you start letting Jesus bear the burden in all of your situations of life, then your able to engage life with much more energy and passion than ever before. Resting in Him is not passivity, instead it is simply resting in His activity, and He is very active. It’s just that all the stress is gone, and the adventure of His divine activity is on. Facing an overwhelming enemy, The Lord told Jehoshaphat that the Battle was His to fight not Jehoshaphat’s. Having given him that promise, God didn’t tell him to just sit and be passive and do nothing. He told him in vs. 17 of 2Chronicles 20 to “go out and face them.” Because He takes our life situations, and promises a God-Given Victory, we can get up and face life with rest in our heart, and hilarious anticipation. He told Jehoshaphat that he was to Station himself, Stand and See God triumph. He was to Station himself (Rest in faith in God’s faithfulness), Stand (Maintain that place of faith no matter what it looks like in the natural), and he would See the victory that he was already Celebrating in his heart. The Life of Spiritual Rest is the the most dynamic life a person could ever live. God said in verse 16 “Go up against them..” When we learn to Rest in Him as our Victor then we can attack life, releasing all of the adequacy of Christ into every situation.