One Thing 7/25/12

Everything in this life is so unpredictable, and the potential for breath taking pain is always so real because everything that’s precious to us is so temporal. This devotional is called One Thing, because like David in Psalm 27, we are called to live a One Thing life seeking His presence, and beholding His beauty. I’m so grateful for that, for Jesus truly is the One Thing that never changes, even in this life. He never goes away. As a matter of fact, as time goes by it just gets better, even to our last breath when we are swallowed up by His life. As amazing as it is now experiencing His presence and torrid, wild, tender, and heart stopping love, one day it will all be ours without the filters of our fallen flesh. Amos 3:2 says, “You ONLY have me.” The emphasis is on the word ONLY. God is saying to His people that of all the people on earth you alone have me. How stunning it is to be able to say that by the absolutely insane grace of God I’m among those who have HIM. One of my life verses is Ps.73:25-26, “Whom have I in heaven but thee? And besides Thee (or, with Thee) I desire nothing on earth. My heart and my flesh may fail; but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” There is a great worship song that has a chorus which always captivates my heart and brings me to tears. The chorus is “You are so good, You never leave when I think you should. You are so kind, with all You see You still give me life.”
O lord I’ll let you see me, I’ll let you love me, I’ll let you hold me until you’re done.
I’ll let you break me, I’ll let you fix me, I’ll let you save me until we’re one.

There are those of you reading this that have experienced devastating losses, or shattering changes. LIVE ON, IN CHRIST.