One Thing 7/2/12

In Zechariah we are told that we are the pupil of His eye. That means that God loves us so much that if you want to find us all you have to do is look into the pupil of His eye and you will see our reflection. He never ignores you, or grows tired of you. You are always there at the center of His attention. As a matter of fact, Zechariah says that our movement in His direction, though weak, stirs Him and causes Him to be aroused from His habitation. It is amazing to think that when we come to Him with our weak love, and our fragile offering, to pray and worship, His heart is so stirred, that He springs to us. When you awaken to meet with Him you may feel tired and sleepy, and your heart may feel anything but inflamed, but He is stirred, and His heart IS INFLAMED, burning to be with you. We are the ones who should be so excited and enthralled to meet with Him, and yet He’s the one who often is the only one who brings the passion to our footstool time. He is so remarkable, so stunning. To be loved like that by someone like Him is so beyond imagining, and it is so captivating. I find myself these days running to Him with such anticipation. I know that there, in His presence, is fullness of joy, and a river of delights and pleasure that I can endlessly drink from, that is more exhilarating than anything I’ve ever known. His beauty ruins you to see every other beauty as a lesser beauty forever. I don’t know why we call it Quiet Time; there is nothing quiet about it.