One Thing 7/19/12

How much would someone give for love, true, epic, life transforming love. S.S. 8, says a man would give all the treasures of his whole house. That means everything in his life. He would give it all to be loved like that. The Lord said such a gift would be utterly despised, because it still wouldn’t be enough. It could never be enough to earn God’s transcendent love. God’s love is so beyond the stratosphere of even the best human love, that there is no sacrifice humans could ever make that would truely honor its value. It is beyond our value system, therefore it is PRICELESS. Being priceless there is only one way we can have this Love and that is if God offers it for free. It isn’t free to God, who is the only one who could pay a price big enough to honor the true value of this love, but it is free to us who can only receive or not receive such a treasure already purchased on our behalf. The transforming experience of God’s love begins with the revelation that it’s a free gift. Once you enter in and begin to enjoy the endless journey of drinking from the River of His Delights you find yourself once again wanting to give all the treasures of your house (life),  but this time not for love, but because of love. It’s the only reasonable service of worship you can think of.