One Thing 7/16/13

Romans chapter 8 verse two says “For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and death.”
The law of sin and death that is in us is sometimes referred to as the sin nature. A law is something that is a binding, unvarying, governing principle that is constant and regular. A good example would be the law of gravity. The only way to overrule or offset a law is to invoke a higher or more powerful law. As Christians we are In Christ, and because of that Christ is in us, and thus we all have in us a Higher and more powerful law than the law of sin and death. This higher law is called The Law of The Spirit of Life, and it is In Christ, and that Law of Life is there to continually set us free from sin’s powerful pull. Imagine being thrown overboard in the middle of the Ocean, not knowing how to swim. Your natural weight being affected by the law of gravity will soon pull you down to the bottom, but if someone tossed you a life preserver, and your slipped it on, it would set you free from the law of gravity. It’s not that your weight has gone away or that the law of gravity has disappeared, it’s simply that you are in the life preserver and the life preserver is doing its work of Overcoming gravities pull. As long as you rest in the Life Saver, it does its work, but if at any time you stop abiding in the Life Saver you will discover the law of gravity, and your natural tendency to sink at work. This is our victory In Christ. No matter how strong the pull of the sin nature (the law of sin), we have working in us a higher law in the person of Jesus. As long as we rest in Him, moment by moment, he sets us free, but at any time you stop abiding In Him, sin takes over. Abide and enjoy the ride.