One Thing 6/9/12

Striking Beauty is both exhilarating and satisfying. When you see a beautiful landscape or vista it exhilarates the heart. It fills you with gladness and wonder. It grips you, and you find yourself gazing with a fascinated soul. It is satisfying in the sense that you are reminded life isn’t always upside down, and harsh, and chaotic. It says that there is a God who is full of brilliance and goodness.
In Psalm 27:4, David states that his quest in life was to behold God’s beauty and to meditate, and inquire of Him. In verse 8 David explains his quest as seeking God’s face.
There is nothing as strikingly beautiful as God. Every glorious scene and vista emanates from Him and His beauty. To make the quest of your life to be to behold His presence (face) is to live a life filled with an exhilarated, and satisfied heart. When your heart is full of the gladness that only His beauty can bring, then you also live your days in this fallen world, with your head lifted up above the battle around you. The battle still rages, but you are enjoying being seated in the heavenly places with Him, where the atmosphere is the beauty of the Lord, and therefore the view totally different. In His light we see light, not darkness. Some of you have wasted far too much time seeing only darkness. Join David in his One Thing quest, and see the landscape of your life transformed.