One Thing 6/7/13

Psa. 106:15 And he gave them their request; but sent leanness into their soul.

Israel wasn’t content with the Manna from Heaven, which was their daily provision, but instead longed for meat. Manna was God’s choice for them, but they thought they knew better. The Lordship of Christ means that we daily choose, and say yes to Hs choices for us. We often try, under the guide of grace, to negotiate with God to see what He will allow us to do, instead of choosing His best. If “Wistfully longing for the Heights” (Isaiah 38:14) is your heart, you can’t settle for ‘what you can get away with.’ I don’t want to live in the “lowlands,” or camp halfway up the mountain, I want to live in the “Heights” as one who has “Hinds Feet for High Places.” I want to know more than just being occasionally blessed, I want to know the Full, Fresh, and Forceful release of His Life daily. It’s not just a matter of not choosing to openly walk in a life of open sin, but Lordship is about always choosing the Highest over the acceptable.

God has His best things for the folk
Who dare to stand the test;
God has His second choice for those
Who will not have the best.

It is not always open sin
That risks the promised rest ;
The better sometimes is the foe
That keeps us from the best.

There s scarcely one but vaguely wants
In some way to be blessed ;
Tis not a blessing, Lord, I seek,
I want Thy very best.

I want in this short life of mine,
As much as may be pressed
Of service true for God and man ;
Help me to have Thy best.

I want amid the victor throng
To have my name confessed,
And hear my Saviour say at last,
“Well done! you took the best.”

Give me, my Lord, Thy highest choice,
Though others take the rest.
Their good things have no charm for me,
Since I have found Thy best.”