One Thing 6/15/13

Years ago a man came home early from work and found his wife in the bath tub full of blood red water, having slit both of her wrists. Even though a solid Born Again Christian she had suffered for some time with clinical depression, which had grown worse. He found her just in time to call an ambulance and save her life. Over the next few months she was introduced to someone who introduced her to the truth that the Jesus who died for her, and lived in her, was prepared to live His victorious life through her. She came to understand that there is only one person who can successfully, and joyfully live the Christian Life and His name is Jesus. Having discovered for herself THE LIFE HE LIVES, her life was radically and gloriously transformed, and as result she wrote this wonderful poem. Be blessed, and may you discover for yourself the amazing daily adventure of The Life He Lives.

Discovering daily who God really is,
Thanking Him daily He’s mine and I’m His,
Discovering daily God’s great love for me;
Such mercy, forgiveness, amazingly free.

Discovering daily that God really cares,
Discovering daily He does answer prayers,
Discovering daily what grace really means:
Unmerited favor beyond all my dreams.

Discovering daily God speaking to me;
He speaks through the Bible. Once blind, now I see.
Discovering, discovering each day that I live
That all that I need, He freely will give.

Discovering daily Christ working through me,
Accomplishing daily what never could be.
Discovering daily: I can’t, but He can;
Thanking Him daily for my place in His plan.

Discovering daily how real life can be
When I’m living in Christ and He’s living in me.
Discovering daily a song in my heart
With anticipation for each day to start.

Delighting and basking in love so divine,
Secure in the knowledge I’m His and He’s mine.
Besides mere contentment, excitement I see!
A daily adventure: Christ living in me!