One Thing 6/13/12

Sometimes getting what we want from God is much worse than Him not honoring our requests. In Psalm 106:15 we are told that God finally gave Israel what they wanted, and had been murmuring about, but with His yes to them, He gave them “leanness of soul.” KJV. I’m not sure what that is, but I don’t want it and neither do you. There are times in our lives when we want something so bad that we just wont take no from God. The result is that we push and maneuver until God finally let’s us have what we want, and in so doing allows us to live with the curse that comes with. All of us have experienced this in our lives at some level. If it’s not God’s perfect will for your life, getting your way is much worse than not having it. The Lord loves us so much that His desires for us aren’t just about His glory, but they are also about our happiness and destiny. He didn’t pay the great price He paid to have us as His special treasure just so He could keep us miserable the rest of our lives. The real issue is, what is your delight; what is your great treasure. It’s real easy to know the answer to that question. Where is your heart? What do you obsess over; think about, talk about, try to make happen, and get upset about if it’s not happening. Wherever your heart is, there you’ll find your treasure. Treasure Him and His will above all else, at all times. His no is really His yes to something much deeper and richer. “You are fairer than the sons of men.” Ps. 45:2.