One Thing 6/12/12

Amos 3:2 says, “You only have Me among all the families of the earth;” God is speaking of Israel here because He had set His love on them and they were the object of His affection. Another translation says, “You alone have I known.” The word “known” there means to experience, to be intimate. God is saying to the object of His affection that His presence in their lives, and their experiencing His presence is what sets them apart as a unique and special people. As believers you are the ones on whom He has set His love, and you are now the object of His affections. Because of that it can be said about you that You Only Have Him as your most precious possession, to experience, and enjoy. This makes you unique (holy) and extraordinarily special. This word is so personal to me. It settles all self worth, and self image issues. I am His special Treasure, and I ONLY have HIM. I know that is true for all of us, but you, like me, can claim that as your personal word and truth. Song of Solomon 2 is right when it declares that you are His favorite. You are His beauty, able to ravish His lovesick heart with a single glance. To live feeling cherished and adored by Him is the most remarkable and liberating realm of reality to live in. It makes you want to spend your life worshipping at His footstool, offering all that you have and are.