One Thing 6/11/12

God is looking for worshippers, not workers. Sadly, most churches seem to lead their people to believe just the opposite. Of course there is work to be done in the Kingdom of God, but ultimately worshippers will do a lot more work than workers because they will do it for love. Workers spend a lot of their time frustrated and critical because they can’t get others to work as much as they do, and they never feel appreciated enough. God wants worshippers, One Thing Lovers, whose whole purpose in life is to love and adore Him. Adorers live fascinated, not frustrated, and their work and witness become acts of worship and affection toward Christ. They live grateful for the opportunities to obey and serve Him. Duty is a good thing, but delight is an even greater motivation that moves the heart of God to kiss our acts of affection with a supernatural grace. Jesus loved Martha and Mary the same, but He publicly affirmed Mary, for she had chosen the One Thing that was important. Her great quest was to behold Him and to love Him back. She was living a first commandment life, and Jesus said He would never take that away from her. It’s easy to imagine that scene in Luke 10 with Martha up, busy and frustrated, while Mary sits, beholding and fascinated. Sign up to be a worshipper. Live captivated. Trust me, the work will get done by a Lovesick army of worshippers who will gladly lay down their lives for the Lover of their soul.