One Thing 5/9/12

One of the things about getting older is that you find yourself more and more often looking over the hedgerow into the Far Country, daydreaming, and longing. Even though your feet are squarely on this side, “Over There”is so alluring. It’s not because over here is not good, as a matter of fact “Over Here” gets better, and better as you grow in union with the One who you are constantly falling in love with as if for the first time. You see, that’s the reason for the glimpses and the longing. The more you become one with Him, and the more fascinated you become with His beauty the more you long for “Over There” where you can know Him and behold Him without any filters. When I was young man I wanted to cling to life in this world, because I had so many dreams, but as I’ve gotten older and I look back at life in this world I realize it could only offer so much, and that the thing that has made life in this fallen world full of joy has been Him. The reason so many people experience midlife crises and get depressed as they get older is because they had false expectations concerning what this world had to offer. Only those who are growing in Him find life here getting better as they grow older, because there hope is in Him, and hope in Him does not disappoint. Of course, there have been other sources of great joy in this world that have come from His hand, but He turned out to be all the dreams rolled into one. To experience His delight, and to live delighting in Him has increasingly caused me to be captivated with, and to fantasize at what His beauty must be like “Over There” where I won’t behold Him through a glass darkly anymore. Don’t misunderstand, these aren’t the thoughts of someone who finds himself despairing in this life, instead these are the thoughts of a sanguine who is so overwhelmed by how awesome life is in Him now, that I am becoming consumed with the cry of S.S.8:14, “Hurry my Beloved,” because I know it will be unspeakably staggering Over There.
Have a great day In Christ, knowing that he best is yet to come.