One Thing 5/7/12

Searching the heart of Christ is the most captivating quest I have ever engaged in. There are a lot of fascinating things out there to be investigated, but nothing is so captivating and fascinating as the beauty of Jesus. I think I understand better than I ever have before when Paul tried to explain his madness in 2Corinthians 5. Paul explanation was that he was controlled by the love of Christ. Doesn’t that sound like an awesome way to live. To live being delighted in, and delighting in one who can love as big as Jesus loves. This is my desire, and has become my quest in life. I find myself being very intentional in the quest, and ordering my life so that this desire of my heart can be realized. I am convinced this is the greatest quest a human being can commit himself, or herself to. No adventure, no matter how exhilarating, can compare to the life altering vistas experienced in the pursuit of beholding and loving Him in His splendor and glory. A life lived exploring the beauty of the Lord is an unimaginable joy, that keeps our heads lifted up above the enemy who is constantly waring around us. You and I were created for love; not just any love, but God size love. We were first and foremost created to love Him and be loved by Him; to be controlled by the love of Christ. Imagine that, instead of being controlled by circumstances, people, or moods, to lived controlled every minute by real love; not just love, but by God Size love. Wow!!! What a life that would be.