One Thing 5/18/12

When you find your self drawn into the Firestorm of His heart for you, you awaken into a realm on tenderness that changes the way you feel and relate to everything, and everyone around you. The wood, hay, and stubble of resentment, and anger, and bitterness just melts away. You don’t have to grasp for principles, your heart is just melted by His intense compassion, and nothing looks or feels like it used to. The vortex of his intense delight in you causes you to realize that no one has cost you anything of real value, and that His overwhelming joy over you isn’t unique to you, but is true toward all the other souls, who like you are full of imperfection, and imperfect love. Drawn into to His ravished heart, things become so clear, and so simple. Finding yourself fully alive in His gaze, the view becomes remarkably different. A satisfied heart sees reality through different lenses. It’s not that the facts have changed, it’s just that the view is so different. A heart torn into by the love of Jesus has been emptied of all the foul stuff that once kept it too distracted to soar. You find your heart tenderized to love and forgive; actually not to just forgive, but to delight with Him in all those like you, He love loves so intensely. Be so lost in Him that you can’t find all the rotting stuff that once consumed you.