One Thing 5/14/12

Thursday the 17th is Ascension Day. Because it happens on a Thursday every year many people don’t pay that much attention to this major feast, and yet there are so many powerful things this day reminds us of. Ephesians tell us that not only has Christ ascended and is seated on His throne in the heavenly places, but we have been raised up with Him, and seated by God with Him, in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. That means so many powerful things for us, but let’s look at a few, one at a time.
To me, first it means REST. To be seated is to be in a resting position. To be seated in the heavenly places means not only a resting position but an elevated one, and to be seated in the heavenly places with Him, means a resting, elevated position, on His throne. Resting spiritually is something we experience, not just something spiritually, but mentally, and emotionally. It’s something you know on the inside as opposed to fear, tension, worry, and anxiety. It’s a wonderful grace from the Holy Spirit. Because we have ascended with Him we are able to see everything from an elevated place. Nothing looks the same from an elevated position. You can see the big picture. Geography looks a lot different from a Hot Air Balloon a 1000 feet up than it does standing on the the ground. It changes your perspective of reality. It’s seeing a thing as God sees it. Also, you are seeing it from the throne from which He rules. This is our resting place; being reminded that there is a bigger picture than what we can see from ground level, and that the One who is love, is exercising His rule and authority at all times. That’s a great RESTING place.