One Thing 5/1/12

Psalm 97:1-2

1 The LORD reigns, let the earth rejoice;
Let the many Islands be glad.
2 Clouds and thick darkness surround Him;
Righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne.

This has been one of those great verses that have been an anchor to my soul in this fallen world, because it gives me hope. It’s so easy to recognize the reign of God when victory looks like victory is supposed to look like. What about those times when clouds and thick darkness seems to settle in, and hide Him and His purposes. We may be a little familiar with the clouds, but how to make sense of the thick darkness is much more difficult. The truth is, especially when the thick darkness sets in, He is still reigning. When Paul and Silas were beaten, and shackled, and placed in the lower cell in Philippi, it was cold, dark, and damp, and they were in great pain from the beating they had taken. As far as the circumstances were concerned, it was over, yet at midnight, in the midst of their pain and confusion they were singing praises to God, and all the other prisoners and the guard were listening. Why? How? Paul believed that He was In Christ, and therefore he was a prisoner of Christ, not this silly civil government in Philippi. He also believed he was In Christ, Seated in the Heavenly Places at that very moment. You see, he didn’t just believe that Christ was ordering his every step, he believed he was winning. He was convinced that Jesus was reigning, even though everything around him looked like thick darkness, so he lifted up his voice in praise. In the end, God liberated him from the situation which He often does, but God still let him walk through it, because the souls of others were at stake. Behind the thick darkness there are always redemptive purposes being accomplished, so lift up your voices and sing; imprisoned others are listening. He Reigns!! He Wins!!! He always does.