One Thing 5/10/12

Thank God for faith. Sometimes we get frustrated with the idea of walking by faith because it seems so kind of other worldly and hard to grasp. I for one am glad it’s otherworldly because there are times when everything in this world falls apart. Just when we think things have settled down and have become predictable, the whole shifting sand thing kicks in. If the shifting sand of circumstances aren’t hard enough to deal with, sometimes our emotions decide to take a vacation into the wilderness. Again, all this makes me so thankful for faith, because the truth is, faith is the most real and concrete thing we have in our lives. Nothing in this fallen world is true substance, because everything including our emotions are so changeable, but faith is true substance because faith is all about resting in the only One is who always faithful. He is the solid immovable Rock that faith stands on. There are those times that the revelation of who He is to you, and how faithful He is, is all you got. Faith isn’t grasping, it’s solidly resting on the most reliable and concrete reality of all; God and His promises. Maybe your in a time where everything around you is shifting and uncertain, and even your emotions have checked out into the land of fear, anxiety, confusion, and despair. If that’s you, then it’s time to simply take your seat on the Rock and declare, ” All I know is that He is faithful, and that everything He has said is true, and everything He has done in me is real, and everything I have been believing is substance, not what I see, feel, hear, or think.” In time, all the stuff, including how you feel will shift back around, and you’ll be once again reminded that in this Shadowland only faith is SUBSTANCE. Thank God for faith.