One Thing

Hebrews 11:11 says, “By faith even Sarah herself received ability to conceive, even beyond the proper time of life, since she considered Him faithful who had promised.” this verse has so much to say about faith, and we will spend a couple of days talking about some of those things.
Sarah had been barren all of her life. Not only was she barren, but at this point she was also too old. She simply didn’t have the ability to become pregnant. This scripture states that she received ability. She didn’t have ability, but by faith she received ability. It was a supernatural ability that transcended her human inability. She received Gods ability. She didn’t earn it, or achieve it. She simply received it. How? By faith! So at the heart of it all, faith appropriates the ability of God into every situation. Faith looks to, and draws on the limitless ability of God for every situation, opportunity, and temptation. Faith receives the ability go God live the Christian life. Have a great day receiving His ability for every situation you face. O Yeah, how do you does it work? You receive when someone is giving. So how do you receive what someone is giving. You Take and say Thank You. Simple, HUH!! Take faith out for a spin, and live supernaturally.

A Thankful Heart

A thankful heart, a thankful heart,
Lord, grow in me a thankful heart.
So many gifts You give each day!
I ask one more: a thankful heart.

A simple faith, a simple faith,
For every need, a simple faith.
Father, You hold me in Your arms,
So give Your child a simple faith.

A life of love, a life of love,
In Jesus Christ a life of love.
Lord, as I live and breathe in You,
This wealth is mine: a life of love.

A thankful heart, a simple faith,
A life of love in You each day
Till we are one and face to face
And all is joy and endless praise!