One Thing 4/9/13

Song of Solomon 7:1 says, “How beautiful are your feet in sandals, O prince’s daughter.”
Just before, in chapter 6 our relationship with Christ is described as a dance. The dance of Heaven and Earth. That is a wonderful description of what walking in the Spirit is like; dancing with Jesus. The more we grow, the more glorious and joyful the dance is, as we learn the steps. In the beginning it can be frustrating because the Accuser Judge is always standing by to mock us and condemn us at our missteps. To know the heart of our Bridegroom King is so important, if we are to continue in our walk. How does he feel, what does He see? He said our feet (steps) are beautiful in sandals. The Lord knows the dance is in sandals. He knows that when you dance in sandals your feet get dirty. He knows it will never be perfectly clean, yet He says our feet are beautiful to Him. He affirms our attempts to dance, our desire and faith effort. His focus is on our longings, and our heart movements. He sees our movements, even though they aren’t always mature, and consistent. He says our steps are beautiful. Many times I have eaten in thatched Huts in Africa where everything wasn’t perfect, or perfectly clean according to a western standard, but it was always the best they could give at that point in their lives, and their passionate desire was to please me, and it was always beautiful to me. That is how He sees us. He cleanses the dirt, but He CELEBRATES THE STEPS. Even if it seems feeble, and weak, and inconsistent at times, KEEP DANCING. It’s BEAUTIFUL to Him.