One Thing 4/5/12

When I think about this day in Holy Week, I think about the title The Agony and The Ecstasy. The agony Jesus in the garden as He faced the pain and the separation of the Cross caused such anguish of soul, He sweat drops of blood, but the joy in the heart of God to accomplish our redemption, and win our hearts overwhelmed all other thoughts. You were on His heart as He lived out the final days of Holy Drama. The only explanation for it all, as I mentioned yesterday, was a Lovesick Madness that would not not allow the foolishness of the Cross to be avoided. On this day He initiated the Eucharist so that in His physical absence He could still meet with us in a physical way, and feed us with Himself so that we could be sustained in this fallen world. On this night He talked about the coming Holy Spirit, and how He would be in us forever in the person of the Spirit. What love!!! On the eve of His horrible suffering He is thinking about us, and making sure we will be cared for. Allow Him to love on you today. It’s His consuming thought. It’s why He died. Don’t deny Him the joy of loving you.