One Thing 4/30/12

There is a sorrow that comes as a result of sin, that comes from this world. It leaves you with only regret, and no redemptive hope. This is a terrible sorrow that keeps you frozen in time, with no way forward. There is another sorrow that comes from the Holy Spirit that leads to repentance, which is redemptive, instead of deadly perpetual regret. The sorrow that the Holy Spirit produces is always laced in hope, not relentless regret and condemnation. The offer from God at the heart of repentance is to trade up. Godly sorrow always presents us an opportunity to change, to make a Christlike exchange for the junk that brought us the sorrow. When a person experiences Godly sorrow, that produces genuine repentance, it always results in transformation. Unfortunately all of us sin, but genuine sorrow and repentance create in us greater zeal and longing, to love Him and please Him than ever before. If having failed you find yourself wallowing in morbid introspection, regret, and guilt, then your sorrow is not of God, and the enemy has blocked you from the redemptive fountain that flows from the pierced heart of Christ. Redemption is hard to believe. The fact that God is willing to forgive, restore, and overrule for good all the loss occasioned by our sin, for the truly repentant, is hard to grasp. Remember, He did say it was GOOD NEWS.
Have a great day In Christ.