One Thing 4/26/12

Why does God so often wait till the last minute to come through in meeting a need? It’s not that it just happens occasionally, but it seems to be kind of routine for God to do it that way. Kind of like on Easter; just when the guys were hidden away in a locked room trying to figure out what to do next, in light of everything being lost, these women come busting in announcing that Jesus is risen. Suddenly, just when they thought it was over, God performs a miracle and the dreams is back on. Why did God do it that way? Couldn’t He have sent angels every hour since the the crucifixion to assure them that everything was right on schedule, and that Jesus and the Dream was just fine, contrary to all appearances? Of course He could, but instead He pushed them to the limit, before manifesting the solution that had always been planned. These guys, just like us were called to live by faith. There were going to be many opportunities in the future to exercise extravagant faith. Many signs and wonders were to be performed through them. There were many dangers in the future to be faced, and all but John would be martyred.
The Christian life is lived by faith. There is no other option, so it is a real priority to God to teach us how to do that. Thus, He often puts us in a position where all reason is put to death, so that we learn how to live by the words that proceed from His mouth, instead by what our physical eyes can see. As long as you can even slightly see in the natural the supply it’s easy to rely on what we understand with our reason. That’s why often He will just create a situation where can’t lean on our own understanding at all. He is giving us a spiritual workout, so that our faith will grow muscles for all the future adventures He has in store for us. The Psalms say that He made known His ways known to Moses, and His acts to Israel. That last minute scary stuff is simply part of His ways. It’s just how He does it, and there is method behind His divine madness. He is teaching us to live by faith; how to live supernaturally. He is so good.
Having a great day In Christ, living by faith.