One Thing 4/24/12

In Song of Solomon chapter 5 there is this amazing dramatic scene played out. From verse 2-7 the Shulamite is slow to respond her Beloved’s voice. She loves Him; her heart is awake, but she is asleep. When He awakens her, she has all kinds of excuses to not respond to loves call. When she finally arose, He had withdrawn, and at that point she sets out on a desperate search for Him. This is one of the true signs of personal revival; the slightest separation of tangible fellowship with His real presence is intolerable. In her desperate search to restore communion with her Beloved she declares her lovesickness to the daughters of Jerusalem, (Christians who are watching but not radically pursuing experiential union with Christ) and asks them to take an oath, that if they see her Beloved they will tell Him she is looking for Him. Their response in verse 10 is powerful. It’s like they are saying, “Who created such desire in you. Who could create such passion in you. What kind of beloved is your beloved. Promise us you will tell us about Him. He must be something special to you. We have never seen such love in a person.” The Shulamite then begins to describe Him the best she can. She starts off by simply declaring that He is the Chief among Ten Thousand: there is no one like Him. When she gets through describing Him, and declaring His praises, she ends in verse 16 by saying, “and He is wholly desirable. This is my Beloved and this, my friend.” Jesus is the only one I know that has nothing undesirable about Him. Everything about Him is desirable. Just think about that. The more you behold His beauty, the more desirable He becomes, because every new discovery reveals how awesome and appealing He truly is. Now get his, He is your Beloved, and your Friend. Contemplate that for a moment. The only one in the world who is wholly desirable is your Beloved, and is your best Friend. When the daughters of Jerusalem heard this description, and encounter the full expression of her love and passion they had only one question left to ask in 6:1; Where has your Beloved gone. O most beautiful among women? Where has your Beloved turned, that we may seek Him with you. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman head over heels in love. Nothing moe beautiful than a lovesick Christian. Her love for Jesus has stirred in them a desire to love someone like that. They want to love someone who is that awesome. The testimony of her lovesick heart, and life has captured their hearts to see Him too.