One Thing 4/23/12

Have you ever noticed that sometimes there are days that can only be called “Evil Days.” You know, those days when it seems like your flesh is on steroids. The temptation to sin is intense, and the victories you’ve been celebrating seem like like a distant memory. Just when you thought you had made significant progress one of those evil days show up, and you don’t have a clue why. You think, “I must have done something to open a door to the enemy.” That is a possibility, and the Holy Spirit will show you if that’s true, but most of the time, it just comes, especially at the height of significant victory. Ephesians 6, in the section about the armor of God, talks about the evil day, and our ability to resist the enemy in those day’s. There is a lot of great stuff about the armor of God in this section, that I think many people misunderstand, but we don’t have time to look at that; instead I want you to open your bibles and notice that in this section of Ephesians 6, starting in verse 10,the phrase “stand firm,” is used 3 times. It doesn’t say counter attack. It says Stand Firm. We are standing, protecting something we already have, that the enemy is trying to steal. Remember, he is a trespasser, and tries to take things that don’t belong to him. Your fight is not for victory, but we are called to stand in faith in a victory already won for us at the Cross. That’s a big difference in those evil day battles. We are called to stand in faith and enforce a victory already won. If you own a piece of land and have put out no trespassing signs on your land, there will be those those days when you will have to stand firm and enforce that reality. If someone trespasses to hunt on your land, you will have to go out and tell them to leave. You have the authority to do that. It’s your land, but some people are really evil and will challenge you and try to intimidate you to back down. At that point you can tell them that the sound they hear is the sound of the police coming who have the power to enforce your rights, for all of the power of that jurisdiction is always available to you when trespassers show up. I think you get the point; whenever you stand in faith declaring victory already won, that Jesus has already set you free from that sin, all the power of Heaven comes to enforce that victory, and back up your stand. Thank Him that the victory is already yours, and that he has set you free from this thing. Stand firm; don’t pay attention to how you feel, or what the enemy says. The victory is already yours. when you do this, all of the power of Heaven will come to enforce the victory of Christ. You can stand in faith, knowing that will happen.