One Thing 4/2/13

On the day of the Resurrection the Disciples were hidden away in a room with the doors shut for fear of the Jews. Jesus walked into their fears, their confusion, grief, and doubts, and spoke peace to them. As He spoke He revealed His open wounds. Eight days later He again came among them, and this time Thomas was present, and once again He spoke peace and revealed His open wounds. This time He invited Thomas to touch the wounds. These weren’t scars, they were open wounds. Thomas put his hand into the wound where the great heart was pierced. Why does Jesus keep His open wounds? There are many reasons, but maybe one thing He was trying to say His closest friends was, “I love wounded and broken people, and those wounded and broken who receive me will know My peace being spoken into them, and my Spirit being breathed on them. It’s the wounded and broken walking in My peace and the breath of my Spirit that I will send out to change the world.” He is not threatened by our fears, and doubts, instead, He will give us His peace, and He will breath His Spirit on us so that all the weakness in us is overshadowed by His anointing and beauty. He didn’t rebuke them; He transformed them.