One Thing 4/18/12

If winning is important to you, then Easter is your season. Easter is all about winning, especially whenever everything looks like a lost cause. Think about he Disciples, they left everything they had to follow Jesus, and had told all the folks around who surely thought they had lost their minds, that Jesus was the expected Messiah. They left, family, jobs, and future to follow this carpenters son, and everything they hoped in lay behind that giant sealed boulder, guarded by a multitude of Roman soldiers. Didn’t Jesus tell them that if the temple of His body was destroyed, He would raise it up on the Third day. Didn’t He affirm that He was the Messiah when He talked about the Keys and building His Church. Well, it looked like the Gates of Hell were prevailing to them. Now, He did on that last night talk about leaving them, but coming back to them, and being in them and stuff, but none of that made sense. All they knew was that all they had committed to in faith was dead, behind that stone. It was so bleak, that on that third morning when the women came back from the tomb to report He was risen, they refused to believe. It wasn’t even on their radar that that was a possibility. Finally two of the twelve, thought DUH!!, and ran to the tomb to find that there were no Roman soldiers; the giant stone was rolled away, and that there was no Jesus on the inside. Their commitment of faith in Jesus was vindicated. Death, boulders, or Roman soldiers were no obstacles to Him. He won after all. They won!!!
Are you in a place where things, dreams, you have believed God for seem to be hidden behind immovable giant stones, and appear to be forever dead? You feel disheartened, and humiliated, because you were so convinced of those promises, you told people about them. It’s important to remember, that what God says, and His commitment to keep His word, even if it requires a miracle, is a more powerful force than all immovable obstacles, or demon forces. Just know, that behind those giant stones, where everything you’ve believed seems dead, things are happening that you can’t see, but they are happening. If it looks over, be assured it isn’t. If God said it, He will do it. No matter what it looks like in the natural; no matter how bleak; I promise you things are going on that you can see. The Resurrection tells us that when it looks dead, it isn’t over. God can roll away any stone, no matter how large, and what you have believed for will walk out of that dark place fully alive. Jesus is risen, so keep standing; keep believing; don’ let go. If God has to raise your promise from the dead, He will.
Have a great day In Christ.

Further up and further in,