One Thing 4/17/12

Did you know that God rejoices over you? You might say, “I know that He is pleased with me when I’m walking in holiness.” Well, the truth is, He rejoices over you even in your imperfections. He doesn’t wait for you to be perfect or mature to enjoy you. He enjoys you even in your immature efforts to walk with Him. Isaiah 62 says that He not only rejoices over you, but He delights in you. As a matter of fact, God says your name is, “My delight is in her.” He also says that we are called Beulah, which means Bride or Married. He feels about you the same way a young Groom feels about his Bride. He sees her as his, and delights in her. She may not be perfect, but He thinks she is. “You are all together beautiful my darling. and there is no spot or blemish in you.” S.S. 4:7. That sounds crazy, doesn’t it? It is. It’s madness; the madness of a Lovesick heart. In verse 12 of Isaiah 62, God says we are also called “Sought Out.” Put all that together, and you will get a fresh glimpse of the Burning Furnace that is the heart of God for us. We are Sought Out. He forever thinks about us that way. If you give up everything you have, and spend many years in pursuit of something, and now you have it, you will forever treasure it. You were the object of His extravagantly expensive pursuit that took many years. Oh, how He treasures you, even in your your imperfections. He owns you now. You are His Bride. You are called Married, and He delights in you everyday. Zechariah says He sings over you. Sometimes get still and hear HIm singing over you. Of all the things in created existence that could be His greatest delight, it’s you that moves His heart the most. You are His great treasure. You are His inheritance. You are so special, that you can no longer be called Desolate or Forsaken, but Sought Out, My delight is in Her, Married.
Have a great day In Christ.