One Thing 4/15/13

Scripture makes it very clear that God is not the author of confusion. Our Lord sits on a Throne that is high and lifted up, declaring “What Must take place.” There is a real devil, and there is real warfare that we experience daily, but be assured that if things seem confusing to you, or if you feel confused, know that you have been drawn into the realm of the great “Liar.” God is the God of truth, and there is nothing confusing about truth, and the truth is He knows exactly what He is doing. Even if you don’t understand what He doing, or why He is doing it the way He is, you can rest in the clear truth that the one Who has proven His love, is also sovereign and wise, and knows exactly what He is up to, and where she is heading in every situation. When Jesus’ first disciples wanted to follow Him, they asked Him where He was going, but Jesus, instead of answering their question simply said, “Come and see.” Most of the time we want to see before we follow in surrendered faith. That’s not how discipleship works. We have to trust Him, and His wisdom in every situation before we can see how it will all work out. Don’t wait to see everything work out before you believe He knew what He was doing all along. Renounce your confusion and clearly believe before you can see clearly. You will see eventually that He never was confused about what He was doing.