One Thing 4/12/12

At the beginning of the Song of Solomon the Shulamite cries “May He kiss me with the kisses of His mouth! For Your love is better than wine.” This is the cry of a longing heart who is desperate to hear the words of affection and love that come from the mouth of Jesus. She longs to be healed by His holy affection, as He speaks tender words into her heart. She has captured a glimpse of His great love, and longs for more, for she has concluded that His love, even the smallest expression, is better than any pleasure (Wine) that the world has to offer. If you are in need of healing today, why not make that your prayer. “Lord, come again, and speak words of affection and love to my heart. I am in need of healing in my soul.” I promise you He will fly to you with healing wings, and lift you up with His words of compassion, and affection. It’s what I pray before every prayer time.
Have a great day In Christ.