One Thing 3/9/12

2 Corinthians 5:14a “For Christ’s love compels us,”

The primary characteristic of a life in union with Christ, is a life compelled by His love. Jesus has an infinite thirst to love and heal fallen and broken humanity. As we grow in union with Him, (become more Christlike) we grow in union with His thirsting heart for humanity. An extraordinary life is not a life that does extraordinary things, but a life that does ordinary things with extraordinary love. Never forget that God desires compassion above everything else. Let me tell you a cool true story that examples being compelled by love. In rural Depression era South Carolina, a young Widow was working late on a Saturday evening to support her 8 year old son, and thought about all the things she had to do when she got home to be able to get up and go to church with her son the next morning. One of the time consuming things she had to do was to polish the only pair of Sunday shoes she had. When she got home about 10pm from the restaurant where she worked as a waitress, she went into her room to get her shoes. When she picked them up she realized they were perfectly polished. She immediately knew that her 8 year old had spent about an hour or more polishing her shoes. She shed some tears of joy and affection, and then wrote a little note that said “thank you.” She put a nickel inside the note, folded it and then slipped into his room and put it inside one of his Sunday shoes. When she awoke the next morning and got ready for church, the last thing she did was put on her Sunday shoes. When she did, she noticed something in one of them, It was a piece of paper all folded up. When she opened it there was the nickel, and a note from her son that simply said, “I done it for love.” This time she wept.
Have a great day In Christ being compelled by love.