One Thing. 3/4/12

Gal. 5:16 But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh.

This is one of those passages that helps bring things into proper order, revealing the ways of God.
Most of my life I’ve heard teachers, and preachers tell people that if they would just stop carrying out the desires of the flesh then they could walk in the Spirit. The problem is, that is backward. No one can stop carrying out the desires of the flesh until they walk in the Spirit. You can’t just stop sinning by your will power; if that were the case then Jesus wouldn’t be necessary in our daily lives. You see, we didn’t just need Christ to die on the Cross for us to save us from the power of death; we need Him everyday risen from the dead, living in us by the Spirit, to save us from the power of sin. We can come to a place of repentance where we are ready to put sin away, but apart from the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit we can never walk in freedom. That’s why it says Walk in the Spirit and you won’t carry out the desires of the flesh. The goal is not sinning, it’s walking in the Spirit, then not sinning will come with the walk. Some of you are wearing yourself out trying to stop sinning, and living in constant frustration and guilt because you can’t. Stop trying and start trusting. Stop striving and start resting in the power of the Spirit. He is not living in you to cheer you on; He’s living in you to take over and display the victory over sin that Jesus won for you on the Cross. Have a great Lord’s Day.