One Thing 3/29/12

“Problems are just opportunities dressed up in overalls.” I learned that little phrase many years ago, and it has always stuck with me. The Lord loves to show off. He loves to put us in situations that only He can overcome. It reveals His ability, and reminds us of our utter dependency. His adequacy is more exposed in our extremities than any other time. Though it doesn’t always feel good initially to find yourself in a crises that is over your head, but it is exciting to once again have the opportunity to prove Him faithful. Remember that whatever threatens to be over our heads is already under His feet. The life of faith is an awesome, yet a little scary way to live. Being called to walk on water again and again can be disconcerting, but it’s the only way to learn to live supernaturally. Also, I would rather risk stepping out living in faith, where it is a little scary, than to spend my life safe in the boat where the crowd chooses to live. No risks there, but no walking on water either. Every cruise ship has a Lido deck. Among other things, it’s where the big Buffet is. The cruises I’ve been on have always been Holland America during late Nov. and early Dec., therefore about 90% of the people were old. They love to hang out on the Lido deck. They don’t seem real happy, conversations are mainly about ailments, and they fight for their positions in the food lines. God forbid you accidentally break in line. One day I was there with my group for lunch observing all that was going on around me, I offered this little prayer to God, “Please don’t let me die on the Lido deck fighting some old person for the last piece of no sugar added apple pie.” Have a great day living the adventure of faith.