One Thing 3/27/12

Just one glance. That’s what Song of Solomon says is all it takes to ravish the heart of God. Is that a statement about God’s weakness and desperation to be loved, or rather is a statement about how strongly and desperately He loves us? God needs nothing, but He has chosen to love us with all of His heart. The size of His heart is infinite, therefore His love for us is infinite. God is Love, and His love is never casual or passive but intense and furious at a supersized level. When Jesus said at the cross, “I Thirst,” He was expressing the infinite thirst of God to love and be loved by His great masterpiece and treasure. It’s easy to understand that a glance from His great heart could ravish ours, but to think that just one glance from me could ravish His heart is mind boggling. Most of us spend so much time feeling guilty because we don’t give Him hours in prayer everyday. Why don’t you just start with a few minutes offered on love and not guilt, (just a glance) and know the absolute surreal joy of ravishing the Lion’s heart. Put a worship song on and simply adore Him for a few minutes and experience His lovesick heart loving you back, setting you free. The Just One Thing Life is all about the One Glance directed at Him again and again. It soon becomes a growing union of Ravished hearts (His and yours) in the Heavenly Places, dancing on earth. A remarkable thing to behold.
Have a great day today, one glance at a time.