One Thing 3/26/12

There are millions of serious Christians all over the world who long to walk in a greater anointing than they have walked in before. This is a wonderful thing to long for. 2 Corinthians 1:20 tells us that we are already anointed if we are In Christ. It’s part of the equipment we were given when we became Christians. It’s a done deal. That’s very important for us to realize, because our real need is not to plead for something we don’t have, but to step out in faith in the anointing we already have.
The question is then, is there still a place for crying out in prayer and fasting in relation to the anointing. I would say of course there is, but we are not crying out for something we don’t have, but we cry out for deeper revelation, faith, and experience of the anointing we do have. Most Christians spend a lot of time asking God for things that are already theirs, instead of moving out in faith, appropriating the spiritual riches that have been theirs since the day of their new birth. Colossians 2:6 says that the same way we received Christ is same way we are to walk in Him-By Faith.
Have a great day walking in the anointing, because that is what you are, Anointed.