One Thing 3/25/13

As we begin Holy Week I have been revisiting the words of Christ on the Cross when He cried “I Thirst.” With those two words Jesus defined His greatest desire, and therefore our true purpose in life. The word used for ‘Thirst’ is the strongest word that could used in the greek language for thirst. Jesus wasn’t saying that He was physically thirsty, but having revealed clearly, by His suffering, the true nature of God’s love, was declaring His thirst for love. He revealed that which God longs for the most, and therefore what we should long for the most. Jesus declared God’s heart for us to embrace God’s wholehearted love for us, and for us to love Him back, everyday, wholeheartedly. In accepting His fiery love, and loving Him back we quench His thirsting heart, and fulfill our true purpose and destiny in life. Everyone of us share this calling, and to the degree that we satiate His thirst will be the degree to which our own hearts thirst is satisfied. We were made for Him, and He is love, therefore we were made for love. During this week as we move toward the Cross, may the Holy Spirit once again sweep us off our feet with a fresh vision of His passionate, and limitless love for us. May we all fall in love again, but bigger this time, and may we each “BE THAT ONE” who quenches His infinite thirst for love.